Rayconnect - Lancement d’un nouveau raccord rapide 24 mm

Date : 31/03/2009

La société Rayconnect, Inc. (RCI) est heureuse d’annoncer le lancement du raccord rapide de diamètre 24 mm, une nouvelle taille disponible dans notre gamme de produits.


The original use of the 24mm connector project is a fill neck connection with the tank on a Urea / SCR application.
As a result of the 24mm QC development, Rayconnect Inc. has launched its new Hybrid assembly machine.  The global directive for a flexible assembly machine concept is carried out in the overall design and operation.  Careful consideration was taken to insure minimal tooling requirements while maximizing machine productivity. Complete tooling changeovers can be done using simple hand tools. The machine incorporates the latest technology in dial indexing, robotics, servo driven pick and place and leak testing.



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